Wonderful Experience!

Welcoming our mini golden doodle pup home was the absolute best experience. Our family is so grateful for Hilltop Canines and Debra! When we were looking for our puppy, my husband and I were so refreshed by Debra’s helpful and warm demeanor. She answered all of our questions and allowed us to spend time with the pups before settling on Jasper. She patiently answered all of my new dog owner questions, and even provided quick responses to my texts after we brought Jasper home. I couldn’t be more in love with our sweetie Jasper – his lovable and gentle manner lend to our family dynamic so well. We were so blessed to have had such a wonderful experience with Hilltop Canines! Thank you so much for connecting us to our beautiful fur baby! Follow him on Instagram @jasperjax_thedood!

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