Thanks Deb and Eva

Contacted Deb and told her what I was looking for. She informed me that her last pup was spoken for, but the person decided not to take her. I was informed Harper was now available. I told her I would like to drive up and just meet her and Harper. I wasn’t sure I wanted her until I met her and Deb. Deb charged less than 1/2 the price some of these breeders are charging. I saw Sheepadoodles for $4,000 online. Unbelievable what some get try to away with.

Brought Harper with me and love my choice. She is without a doubt a puppy. Getting into everything, barking, chewing on things and Yes, peeing on the carpet. She’s getting much better but not completely potty trained yet. The young neighbor lady has adopted her along with her poodle, Razzy. God does she love her “Two” dogs😊😊.

Training is scheduled for Dec by a real trainer and I’m getting her spayed in 2 months. Nice 6 month birthday gift😢😢.

If you want a small breeder who truly loved and cared for her dogs then look no further than Deb. She does care and only wants good homes for her pups. As you can see she is not greedy like quite a few breeders. She’s not raising these pups any cheaper than the money hounds out there. Nice to find a good Christian that does it mostly because she enjoys it. Not all for the money😇😇.

Thanks Deb. You and Eva made me feel right at home.

Ron Allen and Harper

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