In March 2021 I decided

In March 2021 I decided to raise my first dog as a family member. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has always been my favorite. After asking my friend which website is reliable for finding a puppy, I went to AKC and found Debra. She is really a very reliable and responsible breeder. Because it was my first puppy ever, I asked a lot of seemingly dumb questions after paying the deposit, but Debra answered my questions patiently and updated me the photo of my puppy Potsticker. He seemed like a strong and lively puppy in the photos and videos.
After two months, I finally got my Potsticker with excitement! What with him were the up to date vaccine records, the deworming records and vet records. I really appreciate Debra for keeping him healthy. During the two months of getting along with Potsticker, I realized that he is not only a strong and lively, he is also a healthy, smart and brave puppy. He is really friendly and chill to all dogs and people. He will never bark to the dogs that bigger than him. This is all thanks to Debra’s meticulous care and the good character of Potsticker’s parents. And when Debra told me that she had her own website Hilltop Canines, I was very happy for her, and I am really grateful that I can leave my review here. That was really a great experience! And follow my lovely Potsticker’s Instagram @potsticker_the_corgi

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