Could not be happier with our pup!

My fiancé and I welcomed our pup—a standard Sheepadoodle— to our home in July 2020. Like many other folks who sought out a puppy last year it was difficult to find one without a months long wait list! We found Deb and her puppies through an online search/website and were immediately at ease with her honesty, kindness, and candor and we felt we could trust her to provide a healthy and happy puppy. We contacted a few other breeders from the same website where we found Deb that we did not feel comfortable with from the start.

Picking up our puppy as an easy process as we drove from our home in DC to Ohio and were greeted by Deb and her sweet daughter. Our pup was all that we expected and more! Had a full health checkup by our vet, was social and playful, and already comfortable with a leash. It was an easy transition to make her part of our family.

One year later, our Olive is 50 lbs and the sweetest girl! She loves all beings and wants to make friends with everyone. She’s super smart, confident, very cuddly, and is such a wonderful member of our family. My best friend also selected a puppy—a mini sheepadoodle—from Deb last fall who she gifted to her mother. I recommend Deb and her puppies without hesitation and would certainly bring another home if we were able to.

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